2007 Posture Statement

Thursday February 15, 2007

The 2007 Army Posture Statement provides an overview of today's Army in an era of uncertainty and unpredictability. It describes how the Army is executing the four overarching, interrelated strategies needed to provide necessary forces and capabilities to the Combatant Commanders in support of the National Security and Defense Strategies. These strategies are:

- Provide Relevant and Ready Landpower for the 21st Century Security Environment - Improve capabilities to achieve victory in the war on terror, sustain our global commitments, transform and modernize the force, build depth and breadth to our capabilities, and improve our ability to deal with traditional, irregular, catastrophic, and disruptive challenges.

- Train and Equip Soldiers to Serve as Warriors and Grow Adaptive Leaders - Better prepare for the rigors of war and develop our leaders to serve as multi-skilled pentathletes, able to thrive amidst complexity and uncertainty. Enhance our capabilities by providing the best possible training, weapons, sensors, protection, and equipment to our Soldiers.

- Sustain an All-Volunteer Force Composed of Highly Competent Soldiers That Are Provided an Equally High Quality of Life - Honor the commitment made to our Soldiers and their families through better housing, more educational opportunities, and improved health care programs, while providing "boots on the ground" whenever, wherever needed.

- Provide Infrastructure and Support to Enable the Force to Fulfill Its Strategic Roles and Missions - To fulfill the Army's strategic roles and mission requirements, we are: adjusting our global footprint; transforming our installations, depots, and arsenals - and the information network that connects them; challenging the way we do business; and, transform Army structures, systems, processes, and logistics automation to enable our Soldiers to sustain the full range of our commitments.

The 2007 APS accurately reports on the key issues facing our Army. It also describes ongoing initiatives, programs, and other issues. It has a number of key features:

- It contains a four-page EXSUM that:
-Describes key ideas driving our strategy and our requirements
-Establishes our core objectives (the first seven of which are our legislative objectives)
-Explains our four overarching, interrelated strategies (Figure 1)
-Articulates our compelling needs for resources and support on a page (Figure 2)
-It describes (in more detail) our four overarching, interrelated strategies (Addenda A-D)
-It describes 14 strategic initiatives (Addenda A-D) and 15 supporting initiatives (Addenda G)
-It reports on progress in accomplishing the 2006 Posture Statement initiatives (Addenda F)
-It summarizes key accomplishments (Since 9-11 and in 2006 (pp. A-1, B-1, C-1, and D-1)

Additional features, developed to better serve our Army and Congressional interest:

- It serves as "a one stop shop," and a portal to learn more about our Army. Over 150 information papers are hyperlinked (Addenda Q)
- It lists key web sites (Addenda P) and furnishes addenda on key topics (e.g., Reserve Component status, ARFORGEN, Army Logistics, Well-Being, Sustainability Strategy, Chemical Demilitarization Status, Business Transformation, Actionable Intelligence, and Combating WMD)
- It is packaged in an electronic medium to promote widespread distribution and understanding

The online version provides a series of additional addenda and in-text links that provide a more in-depth description of various topics throughout the document.
The 2007 Army Posture Statement is available online at: www.army.mil/aps/07.


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