Theater Security Cooperation

Thursday February 8, 2007

What is it? Theater security cooperation (TSC) is defense activities conducted with allies and partners to promote regional stability, facilitate access and develop coalition capabilities. Examples of TSC activities include multinational exercises and training, military-to-military contacts, and humanitarian assistance. Through TSC, U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) helps build tomorrow's coalitions to fight the GWOT while supporting our Transformation and JTF-East initiatives.

What has the Army Done? Combined exercises, which represent one of USAREUR's most critical TSC activities, have enhanced interoperability, facilitated coalition contributions and expanded multinational relationships with key partners such as Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Russia. Our successes in multinational training have facilitated coalition partners' deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan by increasing their understanding of tactics and techniques. By opening the doors to our NCO Academy at the Joint Multinational Training Command, we have extended educational opportunities to our allies and partners. To date, Soldiers from eight nations have successfully graduated. October 2006 represented the 14th Annual Conference of European Armies which brought senior U.S. Army leaders together with Army Chiefs of Staff from Europe and Eurasia. This conference continues to provide an outstanding opportunity for candid discussions and building relationships.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future? Building tomorrow's coalitions will continue to drive and focus our efforts. As such, this summer USAREUR will host the inaugural NCO Conference of European Armies providing a unique forum to promote professional relationships among NCOs while helping to develop NCO Corps throughout European and Eurasian land forces. The establishment of Joint Task Force-East in Romania and Bulgaria will also provide expanded TSC opportunities for U.S. and coalition forces.

Why is this important to the Army? The Global War on Terrorism is a coalition effort. As we transform our own capabilities, we must improve those of our current and future coalition partners. TSC activities sustain interaction with foreign militaries and are key to honing the Army's ability to lead and operate effectively in coalition operations.


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"Perhaps no tool is more important to a burgeoning democracy than a well-trained police force capable of establishing the rule of law in Iraq and of protecting the Iraqi people." -Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hunzeker, the U.S. commander of the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team said during a Feb. 7 news conference in Baghdad.


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