U.S. Army's Vision for Two-Level Maintenance (TLM) for the 21st Century

Tuesday February 6, 2007

What is it? The Army is transforming its 60-year-old Four-Level Maintenance process to a streamlined Two-Level Maintenance concept of Field and Sustainment maintenance.

The former system was comprised of Organizational, Direct and General Support and Depot Maintenance. With TLM, field level mechanics perform inspections, diagnose faults, and replace components on end items for return to the user. Sustainment level mechanics perform component and end item repairs in support of the National Maintenance Program (NMP) for return to the supply system.

Field maintenance combines Organizational and Direct Support maintenance functions, providing the maintainer with the training, authorization, and tools to perform their new field maintenance functions. The modular organizations' field maintenance capabilities are structured to provide tailored mobile maintenance teams for supported units. The modular Sustainment maintenance organizations below depot level are structured to provide a tailored capability and/or capacity to support the NMP in a forward AOR.

What has the Army done? Force XXI and Stryker Brigade Combat Team units have tested and proven the TLM concept effective. By switching to TLM: organizational specialties are consolidated; training tasks merged; mechanics receive more training via Internet; sets, kits, outfits and tools are aligned and fielded with TLM tasks; doctrine, publications and regulations are updated; new maintenance facilities are designed to support TLM; and maintenance organizations are formed to replace the former four-level system components.

What continued effort does the Army have planned for the future? TLM is being applied to the Army force structure. Field Maintenance Companies, Platoons, and Teams have been created to support the new modular brigade structure. Additionally, modular Field and Sustainment units have been fielded to provide area support at Echelon Above Division and Sustainment activities linked to the NMP.


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