U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) (28)<br> (Formerly Disabled Soldier Support System (DS3))-Part One

Tuesday January 30, 2007

What is it? In November 2005, the Army changed the name of the program from the Disabled Soldier Support System (DS3) to the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) to reflect the Warrior ethos and spirit of our severely-wounded Soldiers. AW2 is an outreach-driven program that provides severely-wounded or injured Soldiers and their families with a system of advocacy and personal support. AW2 incorporates and integrates any and all existing programs (in and out of the DoD) to provide personalized, tailored support services for severely-wounded or injured Soldiers and their families throughout their phased progression from initial casualty notification to return to the military or transition into the civilian sector. AW2's mission is to deliver compassionate, tailored, and personal support; educate our Commanders, our Army, and our Nation; design, integrate, and leverage relevant policy and programs, and influence policy ensuring that we..."Never leave a fallen comrade...."

What has the Army done? The AW2 staff manages individual cases and identifies areas for systemic change. As severely-wounded or injured Soldiers progress through their care and rehabilitation, the AW2 staff remains with them to ensure all their immediate non-clinical needs are met (securing financial assistance in the form of grants from a network of providers, resolving travel claims, and finding a place for family members to live).

Additionally, the AW2 staff assists severely-wounded or injured Soldiers and their families by ensuring that they are made aware and informed through counseling and by directly linking them to a network of information and resources. The AW2 staff actively facilitates severely-wounded or injured Soldiers' and families' contact and coordination with external supporting agencies such as Veterans Service Organizations, the Department of Labor, the Veterans Benefits Administration, and the Veterans Healthcare Administration throughout their rehabilitation and transition processes.

Every severely-wounded or injured Soldier also receives information relating to Continuation on Active Duty or Continuation in Active Reserve status opportunities to assist them in making an informed decision on remaining in the military or transitioning into the civilian community. For those choosing to transition into the civilian sector, the AW2 staff ensures that the Soldiers and their families receive the full benefit of employment and transition assistance.

AW2 operates a Call Center that is available to address questions from severely-wounded or injured Soldiers and families and/or to link them with the appropriate AW2 specialist, at 1-800-237-1336.


Army Families First Casualty Call Center

Army Families First CasualtyCall Center was established to assist surviving family members of deceased Soldiers. For further information or to contact the Army Families First Casualty Call Center, click here.


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