Battle Command as a Weapons System

Wednesday January 17, 2007

What is it? Battle command (BC) is the exercise of command in operations against a hostile, thinking enemy. . The VCSA directed that Units' BC capabilities be reported as are weapons systems and a standardized solution for BC be fielded across the force. When fully implemented, BC as a Weapon System establishes commonalities among commanders to create a seamless transition for rapid task organize to support any mission. Reporting BC as a Weapons System will be executed using the current Net Unit Status Report (NetUSR) and allows the Army to increase efficiency by quickly identifying capability gaps across the force. Reporting BC as a weapon system will assist HQDA with resource quantification and reallocation to support ongoing operations and improve force readiness as standardized capabilities and training metrics are employed across the force. For reporting purposes, BCAWS is limited in scope to the Battle Staff (Personnel/Training and Command Group), systems (C2, Transport, and Infrastructure), and training associated with the Command Post and Command Group.

What has the Army done? Reporting BC as a weapon system is currently under development. The effort began in September 2006 to establish doctrinal, manning and training requirements for Battle Command as a weapon system and personnel. These personnel, training, and equipment readiness metrics guide the commander's assessment in reporting their Battle Staffs' capability to conduct operations in accordance with their mission. 4/3ID was designated as the pilot unit for this effort.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? AR 220-1, Unit Status Reporting regulation is being updated to specify the capabilities, manning, and training requirements for Army Battle Staffs and the Joint Network Node-Network (JNN-N). The review and Table of Organization updates for the remaining BCTs will be completed in 4QFY07. In successive phases, BC readiness reporting will be incrementally applied to functional and multi-functional brigades, and division/corps headquarters.

Why is this important to the Army? The Army has made tremendous breakthroughs in identifying and providing a common set of advanced command and control capabilities to deploying units. Reporting BC as a Weapon System will focus and facilitate the commander's assessment of BC readiness. Reporting BC as a Weapon System supports the synchronization and modernization of BC elements as the network modernizes to ensure the integration of task organized modular units (during the reset and train cycles of ARFORGEN), minimizing the negative impacts on deployed units and their mission sets.

For more information visit the Battle Command website.


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"We can help train an army, we can help equip an army, we can help build facilities for the army, but only the Afghan people can breathe a soul into that army." -Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, commander, Combined Forces Command Afghanistan, speaking with reporters Jan. 16 in Kabul.


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