Army Sustainability

Friday January 12, 2007

What is it? Army Sustainability accelerates our movement from a traditional, compliance-based approach to environmental stewardship to an innovative, mission-oriented, systems-based approach. This approach leverages the interdependence among mission, environment, and community in all of our operations in order to ensure that the Army will have the capabilities it needs to transform to meet the challenges of the future. Sustainable practices will improve our ability to organize, equip, train, and deploy our Soldiers as part of the Joint Force.

The Army Strategy for the Environment - Sustain the Mission, Secure the Future states: "a sustainable Army simultaneously meets current as well as future mission requirements worldwide, safeguards human health, improves quality of life and enhances the natural environment." The goals outlined in this strategic document guide how we are integrating environmental considerations into each of the Army's four overarching strategies.

What has the Army done? We are working to establish and sustain the land, water, air and energy resources required to support our transformation from the current to the future force. In doing so, we are applying the principles of our business transformation effort, now well under way. Sustainable practices directly support our business transformation, because they seek to eliminate waste, drive innovation, and promote collaboration across the Army enterprise.

A number of initiatives have already demonstrated our commitment to transform our processes to ensure sustainability, including:

- 13 Army installations currently engaged in some stage of sustainability planning and implementation. In these pilot projects, installations set 25-year mutually beneficial goals with their surrounding communities that ensure the availability of shared resources in the future.

- Integration of environmental considerations in the design and development of the Stryker Family of Vehicles, which has reduced hazardous materials, increased combat effectiveness and minimized cost across its life cycle.

This topic of Army Sustainability was taken directly from the 2006 Army Posture Statement. To continue reading this topic click here

For more information on this and other topics see** Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.**


Reviewing the New Iraq Plan-Video-Friday, January 12, 9:30AM ET.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and General Peter Pace, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, explain U.S. military implementation of President's Bush's new plan for Iraq.

This video can be viewed on C-Span or on Pentagon Channel


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