Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicle Development

Wednesday January 3, 2007

What is it? The Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) represents the first major modernization of Army ground combat vehicles in 35-40 years. The MGV family of systems is an integral component of the Army's principal modernization program called Future Combat Systems (FCS). FCS is our primary modernization program and most critical investment. This program will pioneer the next generation of warfighting capabilities that will improve Soldiers' ability to find and fight their enemies. FCS includes a new class of manned and unmanned air and ground vehicles, interconnected by a modern network to better support and sustain Soldiers. When whole BCTs are fielded with the full complement of FCS systems, these units will be able to generate significantly more capability. These FCS-equipped BCTs will contain more fighting vehicles and more infantry squads than the units we field today. They will be able to generate more capability and control more area with significantly fewer Soldiers than today. They will require less fuel, supplies and other logistical support.

The eight variants of the MGV family are:

- Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon
- Command and Control Vehicle
- Recon and Surveillance Vehicle
- Infantry Combat Vehicle
- Mounted Combat System
- Non-Line-Of-Sight Mortar
- Medical and Evacuation Vehicle
- FCS Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle

Fielding of the first prototype unit for testing, equipped with the non-line-of-sight cannon, begins in 2008. The results of this fielding are expected to generate valuable insights for the remainder of the MGV systems and subsequent vehicle systems.

What has the Army done? The NLOS Cannon (NLOS-C) is the lead system of the FCS MGV family. The NLOS Cannon Concept Technology Demonstrator (CTD) and MGV Chassis technologies are in development today, as demonstrated on September 21, 2005 , at the FCS Demonstration at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland . The NLOS Cannon CTD, a 155-mm cannon mounted on a 20-ton class platform has fired more than 1,300 rounds at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona proving the NLOS-C is on schedule for the delivery of the first Increment 0 prototypes in 2008.

The MGV Chassis demonstrated technologies include; Advanced Diesel Engine Technology coupled with Hybrid Electric Drive Systems; Active Suspension Technology and Lightweight Band rack.

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