National Security Personnel System

Wednesday December 6, 2006

What is it? NSPS is the new DoD human resources management system for DoD civilians, and is the most significant change to civilian human resources in over 120 years. NSPS will impact 750,000 DoD civilians, including 220,000 Army civilians.

The performance management portion of the new system links employee objectives to organizational goals. NSPS creates a pay band structure that replaces the general schedule system and links pay to performance. This new system creates greater flexibility to set pay, shape the workforce, and retain and reward strong performers.

NSPS does not change employee benefits, veterans preference or merit principles.

What has Army done? The Army successfully transitioned 2,350 employees in April 2006 during DoD's first conversion identified as Spiral 1.1; another 2,900 Army civilians successfully transitioned to NSPS in November as part of Spiral 1.2. The remainders of Army's Spiral 1.2 transitions are in January and February 2007, and include another 11,500 Army civilians. Another 28,000 Army civilians will transition in Spiral 1.3 in March and April 2007. Additional conversions will begin in October 2007.

The Army's training efforts are on-going as employees, managers and senior leaders prepare for this important transition. You are encouraged to stay informed on the latest updates on NSPS and take full advantage of all the training opportunities offered.

Please go to the CPOL website for additional information.


Referral Program is Increased to $2K

Effective 13 November 2006 the maximum bonus under the referral program is increased to $2K. The amount will be payable in two lump sums as follows:
- $1K will be paid upon commencement of basic training by the person referred.
- $1K will be paid upon completion of One Station Unit Training (OSUT) or Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

The payment will be $1K for any referral made prior to 13 November 2006.

For more information click here.


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