The Army Distributed Learning Program

Tuesday December 5, 2006

What is it? The mission of The Army Distributed Learning Program (TADLP) is to improve readiness by the delivery of standardized individual, collective, and self-development training to Soldiers and units anytime and anyplace.

What has the Army done? The focus of TADLP is to maintain readiness, provide training, and support Training Transformation and Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) requirements. The primary components are courseware, technological infrastructure, learning management system, and deployable digital training campuses.

- Courseware One of the objectives is to redesign 525 resident-based courses to distributed learning (dL) courses by 2010. As of May 2006, 339 courses received funding for redesign, of which 167 are completed. Additionally some 4600 dL products covering a variety of subjects are in the Reimer Digital Library, which is the digital repository for all Army dL products.

- Technological Infrastructure In 2005, approximately 320,000 students trained in Digital Training Facilities, an 82 percent increase from 2004. Student seat hours in Digital Training Facilities reached approximately 2 million, an increase of 69 percent from 2004.

Classroom Twenty One is a Training and Doctrine Command program that modernizes and sustains 270 resident classrooms across 15 Army installations to provide instructors with a digital platform to conduct training. Classroom Twenty One infrastructure delivers digital training from the training center to remote locations.

- The Army Learning Management System (ALMS) ALMS provides powerful technology that permits the Army to manage individual training in traditional institutional settings as well as in distributed forums. The system supports the selection, scheduling, delivery, execution, and results for Army individual training.

- Deployable Digital Training Campuses A deployable digital training capability is required to train Soldiers in deployed environments. Deployed Digital Training Campuses are deployed in remote areas worldwide and are used to support and train Soldiers using a variety of distributed training technologies. Currently, Soldiers are using the Deployed Campus in Iraq to receive Basic Non-Commissioned officer training.

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For more information on this and other topics see** Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.**


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