Army Homepage Gets an Extreme Makeover

Thursday November 9, 2006

New and Improved Look and Format

The Army Homepage has received a new look and feel today. The look shifts from the black, gray, and gold palette begun four years ago to the colors of the ACU camouflage pattern. Computer users will find a new format that better meets their needs.

The site features a revamped news section at with regional and sectional focuses such as Europe/Africa, Asia/Pacific and Middle East, as well as Technology, Health, and Human Interest. These sections capitalize on the capabilities of the newly activated Soldiers Media Center.

The adoption of a corporate approach to the Web site with fewer links on the front pages but more variety of information and a more intuitive navigation scheme allows users to get information that is current and reliable. Information has been grouped into sections more easily understood by those who are new to the Army family and the general public.

The SMC is the organization responsible for collecting information from across the Army and amplifying those stories, messages, and experiences that are the Army.

A Proven Success

The Army maintains a Web site to meet its legislative requirements to communicate with Soldiers and the American people. is a proven success, continually ranking within the top 1,100 Web sites in the world, out of a field of over a million Web sites. More than five million visitors come to in any given month. This gives the Army a voice in a complicated communications environment.

This is not the first effort of Army Public Affairs, the headquarters element of the SMC, to provide a collaborative capability online. Over a year ago, the Army's community relations element began an Outreach Calendar with great success. That calendar has been adopted into the site and will appear on multiple pages.


Veterans Day - November 11, 2006

Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor all those who served honorably in the military - in wartime or peacetime. A celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

For more additional and helpful information on Veterans Day click here.


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  • Army Holds Fast to Museum Plan (WP)
  • Reserve Officer Tells Students About Veterans (PL)
  • Ex-Soldier Pleads Innocent in Iraq Slayings (EB | USAT)


  • Iraqi Tipping Point - Toward Unity, Security, Prosperity (MNF)
  • Iraq, Not Election, is on Troops' Minds (EB | LAT)
  • In Iraq, New Calculations of the U.S. Role (NYT)
  • Soldiers' Deaths are Bookends to a Violent Month (SAS)


  • Rumsfeld Sought a New Role for Pentagon (EB | LAT)
  • Cards to Induct Tillman in Ring of Honor (FN)
  • Soldiers Want to Do Mission, Go Home (ARNews)
  • Only One of Seven Iraq Veterans Appears Headed to House (SAS)


  • U.S. Army Kit a Help in Spotting Cancer Cells (MK | Story)
  • Afghan Government 'Sad' Over Rumsfeld Resignation (JP | Story)
  • U.S. Army Kills at Least 60 Militants this Week in Iraq (RS | Story)


  • Saluting our Heroes - Sgt Timothy Hartmann (DBW)
  • **Q & A- #2 Part II...**Continued... (BS)
  • History is Our Stories - The Yellow Ribbon (BS)

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