Family Readiness Programs

Monday November 6, 2006

What is it? The Army National Guard (ARNG) values the support and dedication of our families across the country. Family Readiness Programs on the national, state, local, and unit level benefit service members and their families and have a positive impact on Soldier and Family morale and readiness. One of the many ways that Family Readiness Groups help families is to make sure that they learn about the many events, services, and programs available to them. Unlike earlier decades, when families were structured more traditionally, the concept of family has been expanded and redefined to include friends, stepfamilies, employers, communities, and basically anyone who cares about a Soldier.

What has the Army done? Recent activities that affect ARNG families include:

- The Army has provided support in the establishment of National Guard operated Family Assistance Centers. These Centers provide Information, Referral and Outreach to families of geographically dispersed members from all Services whether Active or Reserve Component. (See Forces Command Regulation 500-3-1).

For more additional information on Family Readiness Programs

For more information on this and other topics see** Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.**


From private to general officer, the Operation Tribute to Freedom Speakers Service helps event coordinators find the right Soldiers for their events. For those going out to speak on Veterans day or related events, here is the 2006 Veterans Day Speech. You can also find out more about OTF from this link.

To view Veterans Day Speech 2006 click here.

Responsibility Has No Borders. Vote!
National election Day is 7 November.


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