Stabilizing Soldiers and Units to Enhance Cohesion and Predictability

Friday October 27, 2006

What is it? Force Stabilization improves unit cohesion by maintaining continuity among Soldiers while also providing predictability of deployment schedules for their families. Approved December 2003, force stabilization actually began with implementation of Lifecycle Management (LM) in Alaska in October 2003. To improve unit cohesion and readiness, while reducing both turbulence in units and uncertainty for families, we have adopted a lifecycle management policy, essentially changing how we meet our requirement for filling units. Under the lifecycle management concept, the Army stabilizes active component Soldiers inside a Brigade Combat Team (BCT) for approximately 36 months. We also synchronize Soldier assignments with the unit operational cycles under the Army Force Generation Model (ARFORGEN), a system that allows a Soldier to remain in the same BCT throughout the Reset, Ready and Available phases of the ARFORGEN process.

What has the Army done? Currently, 11 BCTs have implemented LM. The process of converting units to LM will conclude in 2010, however, changes to this proposed schedule are very likely to support current operations. The forward-stationed BCTs in Europe and Korea are not planned for LM and the Evaluation BCT will not convert to LM until 2014.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

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For more information on this and other topics see** Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.**


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"Changing decades of tradition and distrust takes time, to be sure, but the alternative is unacceptable."-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said during a Pentagon news conference on October 26, 2006.


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