Army Reserve: Army Reserve Facility Management Transformation

Wednesday October 18, 2006

What is it? Army Reserve centers are a critical training and mobilization platform for Army Reserve Soldiers. Unfortunately, these centers are often too small and inadequate to support current mission support requirements, and are increasingly encroached upon by neighboring communities. They were built for the Cold War era and served us well, but they do not meet the needs of our current force or the projected needs of our future force.

What has the Army Reserve done? The Army Reserve has embarked on three distinct but mutually supporting initiatives to replace these time-tested facilities. Through the enhanced Military Construction Army Reserve (MCAR) process the Army Reserve awarded 11 new construction projects, valued at $93 million, in 2005. The Army Reserve is programmed to award 14 more MCAR projects, valued at $102 million, in 2006. The expanded Real Property Exchange (RPX) program authorizes the Army Reserve to leverage select non-excess facilities and exchange them with commercial partners for replacement facilities that meet current and projected mission requirements. In 2005 the Army Reserve completed six exchange transactions, yielding $34.7 million, and expects to complete eight more RPX transactions in 2006, potentially generating an additional $100 million in revenue that will not have to be allocated in the construction budget. Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) 2005 legislation will close 175 aging Army Reserve centers, and mandates Army Reserve partnership in 125 new multi-component joint construction projects with other Service Reserve Components. These joint projects maximize facility acquisition and operation for the Department of Defense.

What efforts does the Army Reserve plan to continue in the future? The Army Reserve will continue to partner with other Reserve Components and streamline the facility management business model to efficiently manage Army Reserve facilities. The use of Lean Six Sigma methods is assisting us in reaching this goal.

For more additional information on Army Reserve Facility Management Transformation

For more information on this and other topics see** Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.**


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