Army Strong Campaign

Tuesday October 10, 2006

What is it? The new Army Strong campaign captures the unique physical, mental and emotional character of the Soldier.

Army Strong stands for a big idea. It speaks to the truth about the U.S. Army - that Soldiers develop mental, emotional and physical strength forged through shared values, teamwork, experience and training...that by making the decision to join the Army, an individual is choosing to recognize potential strength within him or herself and develop it further ... that an individual Soldier is choosing to take charge of his or her future and career ... that Soldiers actively choose to make a difference in their lives, their families, their communities and for their nation.

The Secretary of the Army Dr. Francis J. Harvey announced the effort yesterday at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The Ad campaign has developed a powerful new way to tell the Army story and created an Army Strong national advertising campaign that will launch November 9, 2006. The new advertising campaign will initially involve television, radio and online spots, as well as a vigorous online presence, including an updated Web site. Print ads are scheduled to begin running in January 2007.

Our Soldiers have answered the "Call to Duty" to preserve peace and freedom for more than 230 years. Their ability to fulfill this vital role for the nation depends on each of you, and on the work you do every day. It also depends on our ability fill the Army's ranks in the future with committed and capable volunteer Soldiers.

You are the strength of the Army. You are the message embodied in this campaign. Every time you go into your community, when you walk through an airport or any other activity in your daily life, you are the most effective demonstration of Army Strong.

The Army needs your support of this important campaign. You represent Army Strong. The Army is asking you to encourage others to visit to learn more about the U.S. Army.

For more information, including video, click on Public Affairs Portal on AKO.


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