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Wednesday September 20, 2006

What is it? Military OneSource (MOS) is a virtual community support service that the Army implemented in August 2003, which is available world-wide 24 hours a day to Soldiers, deployed Department of Defense (DoD) civilians and family members. Each military service has its own OneSource. The DoD created Military OneSource as a portal to access all the military services' OneSource programs.

What has the Army done? Utilization shows strong gains in 2006. From the time MOS was first provided to the Army in August 2003 to May 2006 there have been 111,285 calls to the daily 24 hour call center, 302,258 visits to the website, and 28,754 referrals for non-medical counseling. Current utilization in 2006 (259,541 uses) has already reached 23.6 percent, far exceeding the 2006 target of 15 percent. The Army leads the other branches in referrals for non-medical counseling with a monthly referral rate of 0.2 percent with a referral rate of 1.2 percent as of May 2006. Nearly two-thirds of all users (65.9 percent) are Soldiers and 6 percent are repeat users.

Satisfaction data from January to March 2006 (surveys for 1402 calls, 96 shipments of educational materials and 91 online visits) continues to show over 95 percent overall satisfaction with Military OneSource.

Military OneSource is a referral option on the Post-deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) Completion of the PDHRA is required for all Soldiers within 90 - 180 days after returning from overseas deployment to the CENTCOM area of operation.

The OneSource Connection newsletter provides updates on Military OneSource to the Army community. This newsletter is distributed to over 190 Army leaders in the Active and Reserve Component whom distribute it to Soldiers and Family Readiness Group leaders.

For more additional information on Military OneSource

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


Army Safety-"Own the Edge"

To help modern leaders and Soldiers make informed choices, the,U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center developed a campaign called Own the Edge. This campaign, encourages individual and unit safety, as well as continuous risk evaluation and hazard mitigation through the use of CRM. Our Soldiers are warriors on the edge. "Own the Edge" implies that Soldiers can push themselves to the limit while maintaining control, thus giving them an advantage in any situation. CRM enables them to think smarter, take control, and actually "Own the Edge."

For more additional information on "Own the Edge"click here


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