Sustainable Range Program

Tuesday September 19, 2006

What is it? The Sustainable Range Program is the Army's roadmap for how it designs, manages and uses it ranges in order to essure the capability, availability, and accessibility of its ranges to meet its training mission. It is the Army's response to the increasing challenges brought about by encroachment and meeting the ever increasing need for ranges and training land brought about by the Global War on Terrorism, the Army Campaign Plan, Base Realignment and Closure, and Integrated Global Positioning and Basing Strategy. Because many programs and functions affect the management of our ranges and training lands, the Sustainable Range Program is the Army's overarching guidance for integrating operational, training, facility, safety, and environmental requirements to improve the management of its ranges and ensure their sustainability to support mission requirements now and into the future.

The Army's Sustainable Range Program is made up of its two core programs: the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP), which includes the day-to-day management of its ranges as well as new range construction; and the Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) Program for the repair and maintenance of its maneuver lands.

Integral to the success and support of the two core programs is the SRP Outreach Program, dedicated to educating the public on the importance of live-fire training and improving the Army's understanding of public concerns related to how we train and manage our ranges.

What has the Army done? The Sustainable Range Program provides the framwork for addressing encroachment challenges and optimizing resources and policies through the development of new tools, procedures, and initiatives that ensure the capability of our ranges into the future. These tools, procedures, and initiatives include:

For more additional information on Sustainable Range Program

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


Deadline Approaching for Reimbursement Claims

Soldiers have until Oct. 3 to file reimbursement claims for private purchases of such protective and safety equipment as body armor. Claims should be filed with the Soldier's current unit. Former Soldiers should mail their claims to the U.S. Army Claims Service at Fort Meade, Md., with a postmark date of Oct. 3.

More information on the reimbursement program is available at

Soldiers also may contact Maj. Paul Cucuzzella at 301-677-7009, ext. 431, or by e-mail at


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