Modular Conversion

Monday September 18, 2006

What is it? The Army is converting to a modular force to make the operational army more powerful, more flexible, and more rapidly deployable. Driven by both wartime necessities and the need to support the homeland, we are aggressively reshaping the force to increase fighting capabilities. This will enable us to sustain worldwide commitments with rotational forces needed for the changing security environment that will be dominated by a prolonged war on terrorism.

What has the Army done? Since 2000, we have increased our capabilities through the modular conversion of brigades, centered on Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs), and by rebalancing capabilities in both our active and reserve components. This total redesign of the operational Army includes converting to Brigade Combat Teams, and standardizing Support Brigades, Theater Commands, and Headquarters that are all organized for immediate deployment and employment.

Active and Reserve Units with Common Organizational Designs

Brigade Combat Team (BCT):
- Three types (Infantry, Heavy, Stryker)
- More self-sufficient, standardized
- Primary warfighting unit and headquarters; conducts battles and engagements

Support Brigades: Multi-Functional and Functional Brigades:
Multi-Functional Brigades:
- There are five kinds: (Combat Aviation, Combat Support (Maneuver Enhancement), Sustainment, Fires, Battlefield Surveillance Brigades)
- Designed to "plug" into operational formations commanded by corps or division commanders and to support BCTs once deployed
- Conduct tactical level tasks and support
Functional Brigades:
- There are several kinds: (i.e. Air Defense Artillery, Engineer, Explosives Ordnance, Military Police, etc)
- Designed to "plug" into operational formations at the theater level or those commanded by corps or division commanders performing as the Army Service Component Command (ASCC) once deployed
- Conduct operational or theater level tasks or support

Theater Commands
- Serve as Component Command for five geographic Combatant Commands: Army Central (ARCENT); Army North (ARNORTH); Army South (ARSOUTH); United States Army Europe (USAREUR); Army Pacific (ARPAC)
- Designed to function as Joint Forces Land Component Commander (JFLCC)
- Commands and controls the five functional commands tailored to each theater and other forces as assigned

Additional information on Modular Conversion

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


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