Officer Personnel Management System (OPMS) Update

Wednesday September 6, 2006

What is it? OPMS was designed to evolve over time in order to remain flexible, responsive and focused on developing officers with the relevant competencies to meet the needs of the Army and the nation today and tomorrow. The current system is described in DA PAM 600-3, COMMISSIONED OFFICER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER MANAGEMENT

What is happening?

-The Army announced yesterday a pending revision to align branches and functional areas under three Functional Categories: Maneuver, Fires and Effects; Operations Support; and Force Sustainment, which includes the special branches. Functional Categories are further divided into Functional Groups that link branches and functional areas with similar battlefield functions.

- There is no longer a "3" or "III" after "OPMS;" it's an evolutionary system, without numbered versions.

- The U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard are committed to the same objectives for growing 21st Century Officers and are reviewing the functionally aligned OPMS design to determine applicability within the reserve component.

What efforts are planned for the future?

The OPMS Review Task Force is now a standing task force; upcoming reviews include Reserve Component implementation issues, officer retention initiatives and the Centralized Selection List (CSL) process for command and key billets.

The Feb 07 lieutenant colonel selection board will be the first to use the Functional Categories as promotion categories, and HRC will announce procedural changes for officer evaluations (report and support form preparation and processing), and functional designation boards via MILPER messages.

More information is available on AKO:


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