Army Prepositioned Stocks

Friday August 18, 2006

What is it? The Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS) are combat-ready assets amassed in peacetime to meet the increase in military requirements at the outbreak of war. Strategically located on land and aboard ships around the world, these critical war fighting stocks aid rapid employment. APS remains set at the minimum level of stocks to sustain and equip the approved forces as outlined in the Defense Planning Guidance.

APS is operated and maintained by the Army Field Support Command, a Major Subordinate Command of the Army Materiel Command.

What has the Army done? APS consists of prepositioned unit sets of equipment, operational projects, and sustainment stocks. It also includes War Reserve Stocks for Allies in Korea, Thailand, and Israel. APS equipment is currently located in 12 countries in Southwest Asia, Far East, Europe and Afloat. There are four categories of APS equipment:

- Heavy Brigade Combat Team and Combat Support unit configured sets
- Operational Projects
- Sustainment
- War Reserve Stocks for Allies

A majority of Army equipment used in Operation Iraqi Freedom today was provided from APS stocks.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

- APS-2 (Europe) - APS-2 will maintain a company-size team Immediate Ready Force (IRF), selected operational projects and some war reserve stocks for allies.
- APS-3 (Afloat) - will consist of three Army Strategic Flotilla (ASF) Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCT) and two ASF - Support packages. They will provide a capability to support and sustain the full range of military operations for early arriving forces comprised of ASF combat and support units and selected fly-in units.
- APS-4 (Northeast Asia (NEA)) - will consist of a Heavy Brigade Combat Team supported by a specifically tailored Sustainment Brigade, Army watercraft units and medical support units.

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See Army Prepositioned Stocks for additional information

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


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Field band website:


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