Army to Modernize its Unit Status Reporting Processes

Thursday August 10, 2006

The Army's Unit Status Report (USR) procedures are moving online with a new Web-based report and management input tool. The USR update is part of the Army's ongoing modernization of its readiness reporting as we implement Defense Readiness Reporting System-Army or DRRS-A.

DRRS-A offers two significant improvements over our current readiness reporting system.

Measures Various Capabilities

For example, an Engineer unit that doesn't have all of its breaching equipment may not be suitable for a combat deployment; however it may have relevant capabilities to perform humanitarian-type missions and therefore would still be a viable asset during hurricane season.

DRRS-A was created to track detailed information on what a unit can do, providing the Army leadership the most current capabilities-based, adaptive readiness information. DRRS-A supports the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) mandate that all services move toward a single readiness reporting system to replace current legacy systems.

Designed for High OPTEMPO

DRRS- A gives us a better idea of readiness reporting under high operational tempo conditions that are inherent with the Global War on Terror. As we move forward to support Army plans to sustain its operational commitments, DRRS-A will assist us with reporting that progress more accurately. It also improves our ability to access readiness in near-real-time in terms of the Army being able to execute its part of the joint and combatant commanders' plans.

Unit status reporting (USR) is a commander's report and DRRS-A will remain a commander's report and assessment of their capability to execute missions. Visibility extends up the chain of command, so higher headquarters will be able to provide quicker assistance and allow unit commanders to remain focused on their mission.

DRRS-A will provide linkages to Army authoritative databases in areas such as personnel, logistics, and equipment readiness, allowing commanders more time to assess and validate the accuracy of the information.

DRRS-A is scheduled for implementation in October of 2006. Total integration of DRRS-A for all Army Reporting units will occur in 2007.

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