Friday August 4, 2006

The Army Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) is a congressionally mandated program spearheaded by the Department of Defense. DIMHRS is the largest commercial solution ever attempted by the federal government and will result in the largest, fully-integrated human resources system in the world. Army DIMHRS will provide the Army with an integrated, multi-component, personnel and pay system. DIMHRS addresses major deficiencies in the delivery of military personnel and pay services, such as incorrect pay and inaccurate credit of service, which are caused by a myriad of systems with multiple complex interfaces.

The goals of Army DIMHRS are to:

- Deliver key personnel functions and integrate pay and personnel seamlessly
- To create more streamlined systems to support the military mission and personnel transformation goals
- Provide better integrated HR service to the Soldier and his family
- Continuously evolve to meet the needs of the Soldier and the Army

The Army is currently working directly with the DIMHRS developer to determine the functionality.

Army DIMHRS will:

- Provide the Army with the integrated Active, Reserve and National Guard component personnel and pay system
- Streamline mobilization and demobilization personnel transactions
- Integrate payroll functionality
- Provide 24 hour self-service functionality

The Army will implement DIMHRS in 3d Quarter FY08.

For more information on Army DIMHRS, visit"



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"Over the past few years, I've had the honor of meeting countless young men and women in uniform, all volunteers, who have answered our country's call.Our troops represent the finest and most professional troops in history. I think of these remarkable people every day."-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on August 3, 2006 speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee.


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