Army Community Service

Thursday August 3, 2006

What is it? Army Community Services (ACS) facilitates the commanders' ability to provide comprehensive services that support the readiness of Soldiers, civilian employees, and their families, including adapting available services to the unique needs of each installation.

What has the Army done? The Army is committed to providing a full range of essential services to Soldiers and their families to ensure resiliency, family preparedness, improve readiness, and support recruitment and retention. Family Readiness Program Support reduces family tension by training and properly preparing Soldiers and family for deployments and reunions.

ACS and Reserve Component Family Programs support the expeditionary force by promoting self-reliance and satisfaction with military life through prevention, education, and training which aids Soldier retention, readiness, morale and family preparedness. The core family programs include Financial Readiness, Emergency Assistance, Exceptional Family Member Program, Employment Readiness, Family Advocacy, Emergency Placement Care, Information and Referral, Outreach, Deployment/Mobilization programs, Army Family Team Building and Army Family Action Plan. Also includes services for Family Readiness Groups, Army Emergency Relief, Transition Assistance, and installation volunteer support.

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For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


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