Actionable Intelligence

Monday July 31, 2006

What is it? Actionable Intelligence provides Commanders and Soldiers a high level of shared situational understanding, delivered with the speed, accuracy, and timeliness necessary to operate at their highest potential and conduct successful operations.

Essential Tasks.

- Change the Culture - Instill an Army-wide culture that intelligence is operations and the mindset that every Soldier is a sensor. Develop intelligence with a Campaign, Joint and Expeditionary mindset operating from mud to space, capable of directing the full spectrum "Fight for Knowledge" using any asset to support the commander at the point of decision.
- Tactical Intelligence - Design a modular tactical intelligence force that is born Joint - capable of independent action, empowered by the global grid that can be quickly tailored and aligned to support any situation.
- Create the Framework - With the Network Task Force, create an intelligence framework linking analytic centers, databases and sensors all focused on supporting leaders and Soldiers to provide the best possible understanding of the battlefield.
- Transform Training - Embed the philosophy of actionable intelligence throughout the Army and reshape training to emphasize actionable intelligence to stress intelligence is operations from peacetime engagement to stability and support operations.
- Transform Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence - Develop a full spectrum intelligence force that provides a tactical human intelligence capability and a professional counterintelligence force. This force must be capable of providing relevant reporting in a synchronized network centric environment that links with other collectors on the battlespace. This force must be able to conduct intelligence operations to protect the force and shape the environment across all phases of war.
- Rapid Technology Prototyping - Employ technology insertion and spiral development to get today's technology into the field faster.


For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


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