2006 Game Plan-Army Sustainability - The Army Strategy for the Environment

Tuesday July 18, 2006

We are working aggressively to ensure that our Soldiers of today - and our Soldiers of the future - have the resources they need to accomplish their mission. These include:

- Land, water, and air resources needed to train and test systems;
- A healthy environment in which to live; and,
- Continued support of local communities, government officials, and the American people.

Our effort to institutionalize the concept of sustainability is enabling our Army to meet its current and future needs, while improving our ability to organize, equip, train, and deploy our Soldiers as part of the Joint Force.

The Army Strategy for the Environment - Sustain the Mission, Secure the Future - explains the concept of sustainability. This strategy - a starting point for promoting understanding - guides how we are integrating environmental considerations into each of our four overarching strategies. As we have learned from Army safety and occupational health programs, consideration of environmental factors must be an integral part of our planning - not an afterthought. For this reason, we are accelerating our movement from a traditional, compliance-based approach to environmental stewardship ... to an innovative, mission-oriented, systems-based approach.

Our approach recognizes the growing interdependence among mission, environment, and community that is a key feature of our evolving strategic and operational environment. Put simply, we are working to establish and sustain the environmental foundation required to support our transformation from the current to the future force. In doing so, we are applying all of the principles of our vital business transformation effort, now well under way. In light of the risks and costs that we already face as we reposition our global footprint and realign all of our bases, depots, and arsenals, we cannot afford to do otherwise.

Army Sustainability has six long-term goals:

- Foster a sustainability ethic;
- Strengthen Army operations;
- Meet test, training, and mission requirements;
- Minimize impacts and total ownership costs;
- Enhance well-being; and,
- Drive innovation.

See the 2006 Game Plan for more information.


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