2006 Game Plan-Communicating and Building Support

Friday July 14, 2006

In the digital age, information is just as important to our Army as fuel and ammunition. Therefore, each Soldier and Army civilian employee must know the Army's key messages and communicate these messages to every conceivable audience. Every opportunity to Tell the Army Story should achieve one or more of the following effects:

- Attract and Retain Quality Soldiers
- Maintain Public Support
- Resource the Army

Legislative Objectives and Engagement. Our compelling needs, summarized in the 2006 Army Posture Statement, drive our Legislative Objectives for FY07, which in turn, drive our legislative strategy. The purpose of our Legislative Objectives is to gain Congressional support for the resources and authorities required to execute key programs and initiatives outlined in the Army Posture Statement. Congressional assistance in terms of funding, support, and authorities is critical to accelerating our momentum.

These objectives:
- Focus on securing Congressional support for
the FY07 strategic resource requirements;
- Align with the strategies in The Army Plan; and
- Enable us to measure our performance.

2006 Army Communication Guide. Achieving our strategic objectives also requires a coordinated, synchronized, well-understood, easy-to articulate engagement plan. The Chief of Public Affairs developed the 2006 Army Communication Guide to ensure common understanding of The Army Plan and our Legislative Objectives, and to provide our strategy for engagement. This 2006 Army Communication Guide is also designed to help maintain public support and to achieve other strategic goals.

This guide:
- Assists leaders in telling the Army story to both internal and external audiences;
- Enables communication planning and provides source information on our strategic initiatives;
- Identifies engagement opportunities and supporting or related key events to amplify our themes and messages; and
- Informs the American people on our activities and issues to help sustain public support for the Army.

See the 2006 Game Plan for more information.


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"Afghan security forces are making tremendous strides, but challenges remain."-Army Maj. Gen. Robert Durbin, commander of Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan, speaking to Pentagon reporters July 13, 2006


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