2006 Game Plan - Reorganization of the Senior Civilian Executive Service

Monday July 10, 2006

The President's Management Agenda requires a continuously updated plan for development and succession of senior civilian executives that results in a leadership talent pool. We need a steady flow of adaptive, multi-skilled leaders capable of filling increasingly more complex senior executive positions. Our current senior executive management
system does not meet this need. We intend to manage our executive and senior professional positions, as well as our personnel in a manner consistent with our business transformation goals and objectives. This approach includes:

- Systematic review of the quality and potential of the existing senior executive pool;
- Reallocation of positions to ensure that our senior executives support the evolving business strategy and are assigned accordingly;
- Ongoing development of senior executives;
- Utilization of senior executives in a manner that aligns with and reinforces succession planning goals; and,
- Professional career development of senior executives similar to that of General Officers.

We will continue to create opportunities to link senior leader management to corporate strategies and to develop successors for the future. Our goal is to develop a "bench" of future leaders capable of executing joint, interagency, and multinational operations. Our desired objectives in reorganizing the Senior Civilian Executive Service system are to:

- Create a fully integrated talent pool;
- Provide increased assignment flexibility to senior leadership;
- Facilitate interchangeability of General Officers and civilian executives when necessary and where practicable;
- Better align civilian executive positions;
- Strategically manage the executive pool; and,
- Reinforce the concept of "One Army."

See the 2006 Game Plan for more information.


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