2006 Game Plan - Force Structure Decisions

Friday June 30, 2006

Our recent force structure decisions are designed to balance capabilities and increase readiness within the Army. Our decisions are based on the following principle: "We will fully man, fully equip, and fully train all of our units." We will make certain that our units are ready for the missions that are assigned to them. These decisions represent our initial effort to produce a more ready force, across all components, backed by a robust and comprehensive modernization effort. We are developing a detailed implementation plan through consultation and collaboration with all stakeholders - at local, state, and national levels.

We are committed to growing and balancing our capabilities within and across the active and reserve components to support the Nation's global operations, to prevail in the Global War on Terrorism, and to conduct expanded State and Homeland Defense / Homeland Security missions. Therefore, we will continue the conversion of all of our units to modular designs. This conversion is creating forces that are more relevant and ready for the challenges the Nation will face in the 21st century and more responsive to Combatant Commanders' requirements.

To reflect the new realities of our strategic environment, our reserve component is no longer a strategic reserve force requiring extensive time to prepare people and equipment for deployment. Our reserve component is now an operational force. Our previous practice of fully equipping a portion of the force - while maintaining unfunded overstructure in personnel and units - will not produce the capability we need to sustain current levels of commitment for the foreseeable future. Our new orientation will enable reserve forces to be manned, trained, and equipped to support ongoing and unanticipated future operations.

We plan to field 70 Brigade Combat Teams and more than 200 Support Brigades of various types. We are refining the specific types and numbers of units to meet requirements for expeditionary and expanded State and Homeland Defense / Homeland Security operations.
- Our active component will maintain 42 Brigade Combat Teams
(representing one less than our previous force structure) and 75 Support Brigades;
- Our Army National Guard will continue to maintain 106 brigades. The new mix will be 28 Brigade Combat Teams and 78 Support Brigades; and,
- Our Army Reserve will maintain 58 Support Brigades.

See the 2006 Game Plan for more information.


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