2006 Game Plan - Future Combat Systems

Thursday June 29, 2006

A transformed modular force - expected to perform across the range of military operations in a complex security environment - requires modern equipment for the Army to remain the preeminent landpower on earth. Future Combat Systems (FCS) will pioneer the next generation of warfighting capabilities, including the construction of a new class of manned and unmanned air and land vehicles. FCS will optimize total combat effectiveness by connecting these new capabilities to the Soldier through a tightly integrated
battle-management network.

FCS is our main modernization program. This program will ensure that we retain the combat advantage in critical capabilities and will enable more efficient use of personnel and materiel. FCS will replace 40-year-old equipment designed to defeat Cold War enemies and will benefit the Army, Marine Corps, Special Operations Forces, and the Nation.

FCS, now a Joint Services program with an Army and Marine Joint Program Office, is in the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase. On July 22, 2004, we decided to accelerate the delivery of selected FCS capabilities to the current force.

We plan to begin fielding Spin Out One, consisting of prototypes, to the Evaluation Brigade Combat Team (EBCT) in 2008. Following successful evaluation and production, we plan to field Spin Out One to the current force beginning in 2010. We will repeat this process for each successive Spin Out. By 2014, we plan to equip the EBCT with all FCS core systems.

See the 2006 Game Plan for more information.

Future Combat Systems (FCS)


Program for Soldiers to Earn $1,000 Referral Bonus Expanded

The latest recruiting incentive that will pay Soldiers a $1,000 lump payment for referring applicants who enlist, complete basic training, and graduate advanced individual training has been expanded

The Secretary of the Army may pay a bonus to any Soldier who refers to an Army recruiter a person who has not previously served in the Armed Forces and enlists in either the Active Army, Army National Guard or the Army Reserves. The referral may not be an immediate family member and the Soldier referring may not be serving in a recruiting or retention assignment.

The referral must be made by the Soldier at www.usarec.army.mil or www.1800goguard.com/esar prior to the new recruit's first meeting with a recruiter.


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