2006 Game Plan - Safety and Composite Risk Management

Monday June 26, 2006

The Soldier is our centerpiece, and the well-being of our Soldiers is the foundation of our readiness. Recent trends indicate that preventable losses have increasingly eroded the well-being of our Soldiers and, in turn, the readiness of our formations. Therefore, Army Safety is transforming to assist leaders to turn this trend around by providing new doctrine, a stronger infrastructure, and more proactive solution sets to attack the sources of loss.

To complement this effort, senior leaders must also look inside their organizations for innovative ideas to improve safety.

Our major safety goals are to:

- Operationalize safety to more effectively preserve combat power for
current conflicts; and,
- Ensure safety becomes integral to the future force by aligning safety transformation with Army transformation.

Composite Risk Management (CRM) is the principal doctrine that we are using to preserve combat power. Tactical or accidental, on duty or off duty, a loss is a loss. Each one degrades unit readiness. Hence, CRM links risk management to readiness and shifts our approach from accident-centric to Soldier-centric. By applying CRM, leaders enhance readiness, preserve combat power, and fully prepare Soldiers to "own the edge."

While readiness and force preservation remains a commander and leader responsibility, we must continue our efforts to create a culture in which everyone is engaged with and accountable for staying in the fight. CRM, an enabler of our success, is the vehicle we are using to transform our mindset to address and mitigate risk. When this approach permeates how our Soldiers think, we own the edge.

The Army Combat Readiness Center is poised to assist commanders, leaders, and Soldiers to improve readiness and preserve our combat power through a comprehensive suite of tools and programs.

See the 2006 Game Plan for more information.


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"We are quite confident that the Iranians, through their covert special operations forces, are providing weapons, [improvised-explosive-device] technology, and training to Shiia extremists groups in Iraq. They are using surrogates to conduct terrorist operations in Iraq, both against us and against the Iraqi people. It is decidedly unhelpful."

General George W. Casey Jr., commander, Multi-National Force-Iraq, in a June 22, 2006 interview.


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