2006 Game Plan--Army Campaign Plan, Ch.3

Friday June 23, 2006

The Army Campaign Plan (ACP) directs planning, preparation, and execution of Army operations and Army transformation within the context of ongoing strategic commitments. The ACP consists of a written order that we will continue to update semi-annually. The plan gives supported Army Commands or Headquarters, Department of the Army Staff Principals the responsibility and authority for more than 80 major objectives nested within eight campaign objectives, enabling us to execute the four overarching and interrelated strategies:

-Provide relevant and ready land power for the 21st century security environment
-Train and equip Soldiers to serve as warriors and grow adaptive leaders
-Sustain an All-Volunteer Force composed of highly competent Soldiers who are provided an equally high quality of life
-Provide infrastructure and support to enable the force to fulfill its strategic roles and missions

The ACP also establishes a senior Army leader system for decision-making, synchronizing execution, and measuring progress. Each week, Army Command commanders and Headquarters, Department of the Army Staff Principals present and review the status of assigned objectives, make critical decisions related to transformation, and resolve challenges. These meetings enable us to:

-Revise ACP assumptions - for manning, funding, stationing, and force generation - to address changing resource constraints and restrictions
-Examine the progress of modular conversion, reorganization, restationing, reflagging, and command and control relationship for all operating force elements at brigade level and above
-Assess generating force capabilities and institutional adaptation
-Develop the implementation directive for Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) processes
-Update the status of Army Focus Areas
-Synchronize Army-wide battle command, modernization, and interoperability efforts


  • Army Urged to Scatter Buildings (WP)
  • Scam Alleged at Aberdeen Proving Ground (EB | WP)
  • Soldier Steadfast in Refusal to Deploy (EB | HA)
  • Texas National Guard Begins Working with U.S. Border Patrol (DFW)


  • Terrorism Raid Targets a Warehouse in Miami (MH)
  • General Reports Spike in Iranian Activity in Iraq (WP)
  • Karzai Decries Video Urging Afghan Revolt (WP)
  • Projections on Troop Levels Leave Room For Hedging (EB | BST)


  • Senate Rejects Democrats' Calls for Iraq Timetable (WP)
  • GI Bill Turns 62 (ARNews)
  • Pentagon Fears Old Iraq WMD may be Used (NYS)
  • Senate Passes Leahy Bill to Increase Clout of National Guard (BFP)


  • Killing of U.S. troops: Preparation for Active U.S. Slaughter Machine (ALJ | Story)
  • U.S. Accuses Iran over Iraqi Shias (BBC | Story)
  • Senate Rejects U.S.Troop Pullout Calls (ALJ | Story)
  • Bush says Hungary is an Example for Iraq to Follow (SO | Story)


  • We Will Make it Through (LJ)
  • Unit Deploys to Iraq, Minus One Officer (BM)
  • U.S. Troop Reduction in Iraq (OB)

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"Al Qaeda is hurt through its loss of leadership as well as a steady stream of coalition and Iraqi raids, but they are not finished. And they won't be finished for some time. They are feeling the pain right now, but as you also see, they are still capable of conducting terrorist acts across Iraq."

Army General George W. Casey Jr., commander of Multinational Force Iraq, during a June 22, 2006 interview


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