Own the Edge!

Wednesday June 21, 2006

The edge is that line between where the Soldier is operating with control and where the Soldier loses control and a preventable accident occurs. The edge is different for each member of the Army team. It is defined by experience, abilities, skills, environment, mission and other variables--some seen and some unseen. It is in this process of defining the edge that first-line supervisors' involvement and participation becomes essential. Supervisors must know their troops and take the initiative of defining and 'drawing the line' of the edge for each member of their formation. Owning the edge begins with knowing where it lies.

With the line of the edge drawn, Soldiers must then take the initiative to Own the Edge. This is done through the use of Composite Risk Management and becoming aware of all threats and hazards involved in any action or decision. CRM is asking "what is going to take me or my buddy out of the fight" and then using the Army tools and concepts to mitigate those risks.

Owning the edge results in our Army members pushing themselves to the limit while still remaining in control. Knowledge is the greatest weapon - Own the Edge.

Click on the link below and start getting into this new frame of mind.

For more information on the Own the Edge campaign, visit https://crc.army.mil/home/ or contact the USACRC public affairs office.


Army Safety Program

The Chief of Staff of the Army has mandated several initiatives aimed at enabling commanders in the field to manage risk as they accomplish the demanding missions of fighting a Global War on Terrorism and transforming. Here is a link that should be very helpful... gives you just what you need to help develop your safety program:https://crc.army.mil/commanderscorner/ It can also be found on the front page of the Combat Readiness Center's website at https://crc.army.mil/home/


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"We're not a country that takes our military for granted. Even in the quietest of times, Americans have always understood that our men and women in uniform are the ones who assure stability and keep the peace. And in a time like the present, we have daily reminders of the kind of courage and skill that have kept this country free."

Vice President Richard B. Cheney


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