2006 Game Plan--Staying on Course

Monday June 19, 2006

The Army Plan is based on four overarching, interrelated strategies focusing on people, forces, training, and infrastructure. Our 2006 Army Posture Statement summarizes the key elements of The Army Plan. Our posture Statement explains our initiatives, accomplishments and compelling needs. We describe transformation not as an end in itself, but rather, how it is helping us to accomplish our mission and to realize our vision for the future force.

To measure the execution of our plan, and to focus our efforts and resources where we need them most, we are developing the Army Strategic Management System, which is based on the initiatives contained in the Army Posture Statement and the objectives of the Army Campaign Plan.

This system integrates the 20 Army Focus Areas, now in various stages of planning or execution, and maintains visibility of them using the Army Strategy Map. Initiated in August 2003, these 20 Focus Areas helped us to "seize the initiative" with respect to transformation and to changing Army culture. Our goal is to bring the Focus Area program to a close by the end of summer, contingent upon continued progress.

The Strategic Management System, now in development, will help us to:
-Align strategic focus across our various commands and organizations
-Link strategy to resourcing in a way that will inform decision making
-Measure Army-wide performance and assess progress
-Reinforce a culture of performance, continuous improvement and accountability
-Identify opportunities to accelerate the momentum we have created

Army Strategy Map (see page 5 of the 2006 Game Plan).


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"I traveled to Baghdad to personally show our nation's commitment to a free Iraq, because it is vital for the Iraqi people to know with certainty that America will not abandon them after we have come so far."

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