Friday June 16, 2006

Just as we are transforming our warfighting forces to prevail in today's and tomorrow's conflicts, we are transforming all of our institutional and operational processes to better sustain our commitments. We cannot have a 21st century operational force supported by 20th century processes. To meet our future challenges, we must achieve a high level of continuous, measurable improvement in our business processes and increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

Successful business transformation is essential to our long-term health because it will free financial and human resources to redirect to our core war fighting missions. In addition, by "taking work out" of our processes - reducing waste in all its forms - we will accelerate the rate of our transformation.

The guiding principles of our Business Transformation are:
- Senior leadership direct involvement in key enterprise projects with an emphasis on continuous improvement
- Concentrate on the core-- organize around the work

An unbroken line of execution authority and accountability for results:
- Focus is on performance
- Delegate decision-making authority to the proper organizational level
- Empower accountable project owners to deliver transformational results
- Commitment to continuous learning as a transformation accelerator
- Lean Six Sigma is a forcing function
- Army core values = Army business ethics

In order to identify and shift resources for our military operational missions, the goal is to achieve major reductions in cost and cycle time while improving quality of output in all of our business processes.

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"The Army is and has always been a "people" organization. It is the perseverance, dedication and courage of men and women who have answered the Call to Duty that is key to achieving victory in the war on terrorism."

Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey, at a Pentagon ceremony June 14, 2006, marking the Army's 231st birthday


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