Accelerating Momentum

Wednesday June 7, 2006

We have established tremendous momentum in changing and adapting our Army. Our progress and record of accomplishment is the result of the hard work of our Soldiers, leaders, and civilians - reinforced by the resilience and commitment of our families.

With the support of the President, the Congress, and the Secretary of Defense, we have increased our capabilities to deal with the challenges we face today and to prepare for those we will face tomorrow.

2007 and 2008 will be pivotal years for the Army. We will continue to conduct operations while transforming the force, its global infrastructure, and all of our supporting business processes.

Regardless of the urgency of our mission, we will experience a diminishing window of opportunity to make the changes we need to make (due to downward fiscal pressures we are already facing and other factors.) We must therefore accelerate the momentum we have established in recent years, while keeping our programs in balance. We will continue to care for our Soldiers, their families, and our civilian workforce.

The next few editions of the 2006 Game Plan will continue with description of the philosophies and guiding principles followed to achieve the objectives of The Army Plan (TAP), and then more detailed implementation will be discussed over the next few weeks.


Army Safety Program

The Chief of Staff of the Army has mandated several initiatives aimed at enabling commanders in the field to manage risk as they accomplish the demanding missions of fighting a Global War on Terrorism and transforming. Here is a link that should be very helpful... gives you just what you need to help develop your safety program: It can also be found on the front page of the Combat Readiness Center's website at


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We have met every challenge - from highly successful combat operations in two theaters, to Homeland Security support of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita to continued transformation of the operational and institutional parts of the Army.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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