Tuesday June 6, 2006

Over the next few weeks Stand-To will feature a special Focus Area topic---The 2006 Game Plan. The Game Plan has a specific intent and purpose--to help implement The Army Plan, and to provide amplifying guidance for the Army Campaign Plan, the directive document released in 2004 (and Change 3 released in May 2006) to shape the Army to meet current and anticipated future needs.

What does the Game Plan do?
- Describes the strategic challenges we face
- Reinforces the 2006 Army Posture Statement, which describes our situation, our Army Vision, our accomplishments (since 9/11 and during the past year), and our compelling needs
- Explains how we measure the execution of our strategy--to stay on course
- Explains Department of the Army processes and how they have evolved to increase their relevance and value
- Highlights key decisions made in recent months regarding Defense strategy, basing, force structure, and many other areas.

The 2006 Game Plan lays out amplifying guidance to implement the four overarching strategies of The Army Plan, with the purpose of taking care of Soldiers and Army families:
- Provide Relevant and Ready Land Power
- Train Soldiers and Grow Adaptive Leaders
- Sustain an All-Volunteer Force
- Provide Infrastructure and Support

As ever, leaders will determine our success. The 2006 Game Plan summarizes key elements of The Army Plan and provides guidance to assist Army leaders in their work. It does not provide a great deal of new material. Rather it compiles key ideas, tools, and information to increase the ability to understand and to communicate the need to accelerate our momentum.

Follow-on Focus topics will initially center on the primary subtopics of the Game Plan:
- Accelerating Momentum
- Fully Integrated Plan
- The Army Vision
- Creating Pentathletes
- Shifting Our Center of Gravity
- Business Transformation
- Staying on Course
- Leading Change
- Leader Priorities:
o Accelerate Momentum
o Don't "Live Rich"
o Reinforce Safety
o Measure Performance
o Maintain Property Accountability
o Communicate the Army Story
o Build Support

An overview of the Game Plan can be found at https://www.army.mil/features/2006ArmyGamePlan/ Those with access to the Senior Army Leader Page can view a more detailed Plan on AKO (restricted access), and those for whom distribution has already been made (limited distribution) may view on the interactive web-enabled CD-ROM.


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