America at War on Memorial Day

Thursday June 1, 2006

America at War on Memorial Day
By James M. Dubik

Since assuming command of I Corps and Fort Lewis in November of 2004, I, along with my wife, have attended more than 40 memorial services for Soldiers killed in action in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Prior to each of the services, we both hold in our arms the grieving parents, spouses and children.

Words simply cannot express the depth of sympathy we feel for those who have lost loved ones or the depth of respect we have for those who sacrificed themselves.

Only close, human contact and tears can begin to convey that depth. When the bugle plays taps at the end of the service, all are reminded that America remains at war this Memorial Day, as it has for four years.

Our experience is repeated around the country at nearly every base, camp, post and station. No one can doubt the courage and sacrifice of the men and women -- Soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors -- who fight and the families who support them and await their safe return. How different is this war compared with any of our recent experience? In the words that follow, I'll provide my answer, an answer with which some will agree and others not. This war is difficult to understand; it's hard even for those of us who have studied war's history for more than 30 years. For some, it's so different, they have a hard time calling it a war, yet it is. Our enemy has clear political and ideological aims that are directly counter to U.S. interests, and it is using violent force to achieve those aims -- the classic definition of war.

This article was previously published by the The Seattle Times on May 28, 2006.


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