Army Reserve: All-Volunteer Force and the Army Reserve

Wednesday May 31, 2006

What is it? The All Volunteer Force began on June 30, 1973 and has since been a mainstay of the entire armed forces. The Gates Commission, appointed by President Nixon in 1970, reported "the military could entice enough volunteers to enlist by increasing pay, improving conditions of service and more vigorous recruiting."

What has the Army Reserve done? The Army Reserve has become a full partner to meet the demand and needs of our country and our Army as never before. Trends within the Army Reserve indicate that Soldiers want to serve. In 2005 the Army Reserve met the overall retention goal for careerist Soldiers by over 1,500 (114 percent of programmed reenlistments). The Army Reserve continues to recognize and reward service and dedication to duty by fighting for and winning increases in bonuses for enlistments and reenlistments, to name two. Another indicator of the commitment of Soldiers to serve is the Reserve Component to Active Component transfer and these numbers have more than doubled from 1,809 in 2003 to 3,748 in 2005. Soldiers want to serve and are answering the call to duty. Though they are lost from the Army Reserve strength total Army strength remains unchanged (and overall retention may be improved).

What efforts does the Army Reserve plan to continue in the future? The Army Reserve is in the midst of transforming the way forces are deployed.

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


Army Safety Program

The Chief of Staff of the Army has mandated several initiatives aimed at enabling commanders in the field to manage risk as they accomplish the demanding missions of fighting a Global War on Terrorism and transforming. Here is a link that should be very helpful... gives you just what you need to help develop your safety program: It can also be found on the front page of the Combat Readiness Center's website at

Motorcyle Safety Programs
CRC's Motorcycle Membership Program

PSA Video Clip


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