Joint Tactical Radio System

Friday May 19, 2006

What is it? When fielded, the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) will provide the Warfighter with a software programmable and hardware configurable digital radio networking system to increase interoperability, flexibility and adaptability in support of varied mission requirements.

What has the Army done? The Army teamed with the Air Force, Marines, and Navy to develop a family of revolutionary software-programmable tactical radios that will provide the warfighter with voice, data and video communications, as well as interoperability across the joint battlespace. The solution for interoperability is an all service radio and a new networking waveforms with the ability to provide mobile networked-connectivity across the battlespace while providing compatibility with the current waveforms in use by the Depart of Defense (DoD) today.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future? At the direction of Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), each JTRS program will be independently assessed for cost, schedule, performance, and technical maturity against current requirements. A revised plan will be developed based on these independent assessments. Army is actively developing the Capability Development Document, Concept of Operations and Operational Architecture based on the revised plan. The initial set of radios will provide the warfighter with a multi-channel, software programmable, hardware-configurable digital radio networking system. Specifically, it will support Future Combat Systems Spin Out 1 with networking waveforms, small form fit radios and vehicular radios. The radios will support Army Aviation and Marine Corps Ground Vehicular platforms requirements. The follow-on set of radios will include a Handheld set, Manpack set, and a family of embedded applications.

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


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