The Field Assistance in Science and Technology Program

Monday May 15, 2006

The Field Assistance in Science and Technology Program (FAST) is a U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command asset used to gain better insight into the technology needs of Soldiers in combat. RDECOM is made up of eight national and nine international laboratories, all working to get technology to the Warfighter, quicker.

RDECOM's FAST program has two facets- the Science and Technology Assistance Teams (STAT) and Science Advisors.

FAST STAT teams work with Soldiers on the front lines- holding public discussions, shadowing day to day maintenance jobs and riding along on actual missions. When FAST STAT team members identify a Warfighter technology need, they relay those needs back to the more than 17,000 scientists, engineers, civilians and contractors working at RDECOM. Soldiers also use FAST STAT teams to send their viable solutions for technology gaps back to RDECOM. Some of those Soldier solutions are currently being evaluated for Army wide use. The FAST STAT team key to success is accessibility to Soldiers.

FAST Science Advisors are civilian advisors to command groups, adding research and development expertise to decision makers' arsenals. Science Advisors can also provide high level information links with STAT teams stationed on the front lines. There are over twenty FAST Science Advisors stationed at troop installations around the globe.

The Uniformed Army Scientist and Engineer program was also implemented over the past year, coupling military scientists and engineers with Science Advisors to further enhance communication between troop leaders and RDECOM.

Do you have a Soldier technology need or solution that you would like to share with RDECOM? Go to and click on "Conducting Business With RDECOM".


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