2006 Game Plan

Thursday May 4, 2006

The 2006 Game Plan describes the strategic challenges we face as we seek to accelerate the momentum we have established to transform our Army. The Game Plan reinforces the centrality, importance, and intent of the Army Campaign Plan. The Campaign Plan is the authoritative document governing the execution of the four overarching, interrelated strategies contained within The Army Plan, which are summarized in the 2006 Army Posture Statement.

We will need your continued superb leadership to: promote understanding of our strategic direction and our compelling needs, manage complexity, and continue to lead change. To help us to realize the Army Vision, and stay "on course" during the next 12 to 18 months, the Game Plan outlines a distinct set of priorities for military and civilian leaders. These priorities communicate the intent of our senior leaders, and serve as guidance to unify our collective effort at this pivotal time for our Army.

To exploit the opportunity before us - based on our wartime focus and levels of resourcing - we will use initiative to identify opportunities to accelerate transformation, while maintaining balance across our programs and activities. (NOTE: A summary of the four overarching strategies - and several key initiatives that reflect the Army's commitment to our Soldiers and families - is attached for your use.) As we move forward, we will adhere to the following priorities (explained in the Game Plan):

- Accelerate Momentum
- Don't "Live Rich"
- Reinforce Safety
- Measure Performance
- Maintain Property Accountability
- Communicate the Army Story
- Build Support.

The Game Plan is provided in electronic form to help leaders to promote understanding of recent decisions. It provides a starting point to learn about: stationing, force structure, the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review, business transformation, the Army Force Generation Model, Departmental process improvements, the Strategic Management System, and many other areas. (The Game Plan is designed to be easy to read; however, it provides more than 140 hyperlinks to enable leaders to readily access key memoranda, briefings, reports, and additional sources of information based upon the needs of their commands and organizations.)

The Game Plan is posted on the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Senior Army Leader Page at www.us.army.mil/suite/login/welcome.html. Special access is required. A CD-ROM will be distributed with glossy versions of the document. The web, CD-ROM, paper, and downloadable versions of the document (and the one-page summary) have been designed to support professional development and leader presentations.

The Game Plan is a product of the Executive Office of the Headquarters Staff Group, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army, DACS-ZDV-ESG. Points of Contact: COL John Buckley, LTC Randy Copeland, or COL Mark Rocke, (703) 614-3145, EOHStaffGroup@hqda.army.mil

An overview of the Army Game Plan can be found at the 2006 Game Plan site where a version of the 2006 Game Plan without links is avaiable.


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