Army Spouse Employment Partnership

Tuesday May 2, 2006

What is it? The Army Spouse Employment Partnership (ASEP) is a self-sustaining and expanding partnership that is mutually beneficial to the Army and corporate America. The partnership provides Army spouses the opportunity to attain financial security and achieve employment goals through career mobility and enhanced employment options. Corporate partners are provided the capability to tap into a readily available, diverse and talented pool of candidates.

What has the Army done? In October 2003, the Army formally signed a Statement of Support with 13 Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and two military agencies who pledged their best efforts to increase employment and career opportunities to spouses. The Army has been conducting ongoing quarterly meetings chaired by Mr. John P. McLaurin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Human Resources, since the program inception. Currently, there are 21 ASEP partners from the private sector and the military. Current partner companies include:

United States Army;
Army Career and Alumni Program;
Army and Air Force Exchange Service;
Boys and Girls Clubs of America;
Computer Sciences Corporation;
Concentra Incorporated;
Defense Commissary Agency;
Dell Incorporated;
Department of the Army Civilian Personnel Office;
EURPAC Service Incorporated;
Home Depot;
Hospital Corporation of America;
Lockheed Martin;
Manpower Incorporated;
Sabre Holdings/Travelocity;
Sears Holdings Corporation;
Sun Trust Bank; and
United Services Automobile Association.
In July 2005, the military spouse job search website, hosted by ASEP, was launched. This site is an association page with the Department of Labor's America's Job Bank that provides military spouses a portal for their resumes and allows ASEP partners the opportunity to post jobs on the site. Continue

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


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"As a military spouse, you agree to support your spouse's job requirements. It is also important to be able to achieve your own personal and educational goals."

Elizabeth Radke
Military Spouse


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