Cadet Command 20th Anniversary

Friday April 28, 2006

The largest single source of commissioned officers for America's Army is celebrating an important milestone. U.S. Army Cadet Command (USACC), the parent organization of the Army ROTC program, is commemorating the 20th anniversary of its establishment in special ceremonies at Fort Monroe, Va. on April 28. By the end of this year, the total number of officers commissioned through Army ROTC since the establishment of Cadet Command will have exceeded 100,000.

Cadet Command currently operates host units on 272 college and university campuses around the nation. Additionally, students from more than 1,100 other academic institutions have the opportunity to earn the gold bar of the Army second lieutenant through partnership agreements between their school and the 272 institutions which host the program. Cadet Command produced more than 4,000 officers last year - exceeding the goal established by the Department of the Army for the third consecutive year.

In addition to training officers for America's Army, Cadet Command also oversees the operation of 1,645 Army Junior ROTC units. With more than 277,000 Cadets enrolled in the high school program, Army Junior ROTC is the largest program of its type in the nation. With its focus on citizenship, self-discipline and leadership, Junior ROTC is not intended to serve as a precursor to military service.

Among the planned activities at the event commemorating this milestone in the history of the command will be a demonstration by the Army's elite Golden Knights Parachute Team. Maj. Gen. W. Montague Winfield, the USACC commanding general will host the event. Junior ROTC Cadets will present a precision drill demonstration, and Cadets from both college and high school levels units will be represented. Maj. Gen. (Retired) Robert E. Wagner, who served as the initial commander of the organization, will receive a special award - named in honor of Gen. William DePuy for his service to the command, our Army and the nation.


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"The establishment of Cadet Command on April 28, 1986 was a true milestone in the history of officer training for our Army. It brought about significant improvement to the way in which we select, train and evaluate the officers commissioned through the ROTC program. As we prepare to celebrate the command's 20th anniversary, we must recognize the tremendous debt we owe to the men and women who initially developed the ROTC concept and blazed the trail for the program."
Maj. Gen. W. Montague Winfield, Commanding General of U.S. Army Cadet Command.


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