Army's Capstone Concept for the Future Force

Monday March 27, 2006

What is it? The Army's capstone concept for the future force was developed by Training and Doctrine Command in April 2005. This publication is our overarching visualization of how the Army future force will support Joint Force Commanders in the period 2015 - 2024. The ideas presented in this manual are fully integrated within the evolving context of our estimates of the future operating environment, joint and Army strategic guidance, and the joint framework. They have emerged as a result of years of research, wargaming, experimentation, and operational lessons learned by the Army, our sister Services, and the joint community. However, they are far from final - they are but a start point for a dynamic, professional dialogue on how best to meet the needs of the Nation together with our partners in the Defense community. Their purpose is to shape our continuing campaign of learning, and as we test these ideas - even to the point of failure - we expect them to evolve.

The Army's preeminent challenge is to reconcile expeditionary agility and responsiveness with the staying power, durability, and adaptability to carry a conflict to a victorious conclusion, no matter what form it eventually takes. The most dramatic advances in military operations over history were borne of ideas - about warfighting, organization, doctrine. Advances in simulations and wargaming permit exploration and experimentation with new concepts many years before the fielding of relevant capabilities. Our concepts not only help us visualize future operations - they are the basis for the development of future force capabilities. As our azimuth for the future, they also shape near-term changes to the current force as we adapt to our current conflicts and maintain the Army's Warrior Ethos.

Technological advances alone will not constitute transformation. Our most critical asset is not technology, but the critical thinking of our Soldiers and leaders. Our intent is not to confirm these ideas; it is to challenge them. We seek institutional innovation - the application of critical thinking within an effective organizational framework that can encourage such challenges, examine them honestly, and go where the answers take us. We welcome your comments and collaboration.

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Nemechek upbeat despite Bristol result
The 29th-place result was disappointing. But the team effort and the way the U.S. Army car drove before being wounded gave Joe Nemechek an upbeat feeling following Sunday's Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Story

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"As we walk forward...we've got to be guided by what we call our joint operational concepts...It's a mark on the wall that's going to become a capstone concept for joint operations. It's still in the approval phase, but we think this will be the overarching concept that we move as we move forward."

Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno
Assistant to the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff


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