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Monday March 13, 2006

- Army's Human Resources System is a collection of personnel accountability and maintenance software. E-MILPO processes and updates personnel records in near real time. MyERB gives Soldiers a one-page career summary and DTAS lets those in theater muster via the internet. Click http://www.eis.army.mil/ahrs/ahrs.asp to learn more about AHRS.

- The Force Management System will permit commanders to select the right Warfighters or combat units needed to support any contingency, anytime through modularity. Click https://my.eis.army.mil/pws/index3.htm to learn about FMS.

- Our National Guard and Army Reserve IT systems are the responsibility of Reserve Component Automation System. They've made deployment and mobilization easier with CD's replacing three ring binders. Click https://aits-info-web.ngb.army.mil/ to learn more about RCAS.

- Distributed Learning System provides a suite of training platforms for live, virtual and web-based instruction via some 300 digital training facilities worldwide. Army E-Learning is currently accepting Soldiers and Department of Army Civilians for an opportunity to learn up to 29 foreign languages via the web and Rosetta Stone. Click http://www.dls.army.mil/ to learn more about DLS.

- Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care assists in providing a lifelong electronic medical record. MC4 provides inventory control, note taking and complete medical situational awareness for commanders. Click https://www.mc4.army.mil/ to learn more about MC4.

- Understanding where projects are in development and reporting their status is the responsibility of Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services. Click http://www.altess.army.mil/ to learn more about ALTESS.

- Installation Management Systems - Army provides garrison commanders inventory and range facility management systems.  Click http://www.eis.army.mil/hsms/hsmsism.htm to learn about IMS-A.                                                                              ÂÂ

- In the future, working with the recruiting community, Virtual Interactive Processing Stations from the Military Entrance Processing Command will better manage military accessions in near real time.          ÂÂ

- Shortly, our Standard Procurement System will be transferred to a new organization being stood up in DOD - the Business Transformation Agency. SPS is working to automate and standardize the procurement process in all the services. Click http://www.spscoe.sps.eis.army.mil/ to learn more about SPS.



The AFCEA-Belvoir/PEO EIS Industry Day will be held March 15-17 in Bethesda, MD The theme this year is: Transforming the Business Enterprise. For more information or to register for Industry Day 2006 visit: www.fbcinc.com/peoeis or email: pao@eis.army.mil


  • Army Must Change to Remain Relevant, General Says (DOD)
  • Dog Handler Faces Abu Ghraib Charges (Military.com)
  • U.S. Army Works On Active Armor (EB)
  • Leaders Outline Force Structure Changes (DOD)


  • U.S. Troops Find Weapons Caches; Iraqi EOD Team Makes Road Safer (DOD)
  • Abizaid Stresses Need for Supplemental Funds (DOD)
  • After Invasion, Point Man For Iraq Was Shunted Aside (EB)
  • Coalition Transfers Base to Iraqi Army, Key Terrorist Leader Captured (MNF-Iraq)
  • Iraq Plans to Open New Parliament Earlier Than Scheduled (VOA)


  • Time For a National Service? (Military.com)
  • US Army: Peak Oil and the Army's future (EB)
  • Guard's Role in Disaster Relief Questioned (AT)
  • Lawmakers Want 4-star in Charge of Guard (AT)
  • Test of US ability to win terror cases in court (CSM)
  • Military Seeks to Develop 'Insect Cyborgs' (WT)


  • US 'Pushing for Iran Regime Change' (Aljazeera | Story)
  • US Base Angers Japanese (Aljazeera | Story)
  • Danish Cartoons and Muslim Reaction: Two Wrongs and No Right (AN | Story)
  • US 'May Increase Palestinian Aid' (BBC | Story)


  • Dammit! You Failed Toilet Training Again! (NB)
  • Don't Blame Media for Iraq Failures (TRWBB)
  • "Just a Few Bad Apples," Iraqi Style (NN)
  • US Army in jeopardy in Iraq (MP)

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