U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems

Friday March 10, 2006

U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems, headquartered at Fort Belvoir, VA, is responsible for a variety of Information Technology hardware and software needs which support the Army and DOD, primarily in Combat Service Support arenas. Today we highlight Project Managers in PEO EIS Finance and Logistics.

Logistics Information Systems are leading the charge to transform and provide robust and accurate logistics data throughout the supply chain. A part of LIS, the Movement Tracking System facilitates real time communications between vehicles and their command centers. Click to learn more about LIS.

Transportation Information Systems is designed for movement planning, mobility and transportation of DOD passengers and cargo as Unit Motor Officers have an array of vehicles to assemble before deployment. Click to learn more about TIS.

And, the Army has never had a single source for property inventory and financial management - that is until now. General Fund Enterprise Business Systems, by presidential mandate, is designed to provide the Army with the industry's best financial business practices. Click to visit GFEBS.

The Logistics Modernization Program has just been transferred to PEO EIS. LMP along with LIS projects will make up the SALE (Single Army Logistics Enterprise). The SALE enhances Warfighter operations and supports the Army supply chain. The DPEO for Finance & Logistics is also the (Acting) Program Manager for the SALE.

PEO EIS is making a difference. Our 3,000 government and contractor personnel are committed and involved. PEO EIS systems are shaping the technological battlefield 24/7. We are the largest PEO in the Army and have the most personnel of any PEO support Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. The I.T. community understands that PEO EIS is taking knowledge across the information spectrum and turning it into action. But most importantly is how we provide the bottom line. Tell us what you think about PEO EIS products and services. Tell us how we can support the Warfighter even more effectively.



www.fbcinc.com/peoeis or email: pao@eis.army.mil


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"Technological advances, including dramatic improvements in satellite communications, information technology, and precision weaponry have allowed our military to generate considerably more combat capability."

Donald H. Rumsfeld
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