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Thursday March 9, 2006

Project and Product Managers in PEO EIS Infrastructure

U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems, headquartered at Fort Belvoir, VA, is responsible for a variety of Information Technology hardware and software needs which support the Army and DOD, primarily in Combat Service Support arenas. Today we highlight Project and Product Managers in PEO EIS Infrastructure.

- Defense Communications and Army Switched Systems are providing telecommunications support and the routes for networking posts, camps and stations worldwide. Infrastructure modernization is a major priority for the CIO/G6. Click to learn more about DCASS.

- Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems is building the GIG in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan and provides satellite terminals, baseband and wideband systems, terrestrial transmission systems, land mobile radios, command center upgrades and Army enterprise infostructure for Combatant Commanders, joint warfighters and MACOMs worldwide. Click to visit DCATS.

- Enterprise Infostructure provides oversight of Army's Knowledge Management Goal #3 to manage the Army infostructure at an enterprise level. Click to learn more about EI.

- Defense Message System - Army is the organizational messaging system for classified and non-classified traffic. Click for more info on DMS-A.

- Joint - Automatic Identification Technology delivers the latest Radio Frequency Identification and factory-to-foxhole In-Transit Visibility. Click for more info on J-AIT.

- Army Small Computer Program is the approved buying source for procurement of hardware and software technology. Click to visit ASCP.

- Knowing the difference between friend and foe is the responsibility of Enterprise Biometrics (EB).

- At Information Technology Services they are cabling the Pentagon and making "Thin Client" technology come alive at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Click to learn more about ITS.

- And, Army Knowledge Online provides e-mail, chat and enormous filing capabilities to eligible users in the Army family. There is a move afloat to expand AKO's capabilities to include all of DOD. Click to learn more about AKO.



www.fbcinc.com/peoeis or email: pao@eis.army.mil


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