Army Capabilities Integration Center

Monday February 27, 2006

A means for integrating technologies for the Army's Modular Force envisioned by Army Secretary Dr. Francis J. Harvey has come to fruition with the creation of the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC). Based on a briefing presented by Dr. Harvey, the redesignation of the Futures Center to the ARCIC has been directed by General Order 4, effective Feb 15, 2006. The ARCIC, through the TRADOC commanding general, will be responsible to the SecArmy and CSA, and it will have four main areas of responsibility - all integral to successfully implementing the Army Plan:

- Using wargaming, experimentation and concepts to develop and integrate capability requirements from a comprehensive DOTMLPF perspective.

- Providing the management structure for identifying capability gaps and directing analytical support for DOTMLPF developments, including validating research-and-development priorities for key Army science and technology needs. The ARCIC will also develop and validate integrated operational architectures depicting warfighting capabilities.

- Serving as the lead Army agency for coordination with Joint agencies and other services for integration of Joint capabilities, including Joint wargaming, concept development and experimentation.

- Integrating across the Army DOTMLPF requirements identification and integration, including current developments supporting the Global War on Terrorism and the full range of developments and transformational efforts supporting the future force.

Lt. Gen. Curran will serve as the ARCIC director. The organization will be located at Fort Monroe, Va., with a forward element located in Arlington, Va. The ARCIC, in integrating force-capability requirements across the Army, will serve a key role in learning and adapting to meet the demands of a nation at war while anticipating solutions to tomorrow's challenges.


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"We are retaining the complete mission set from the Futures Center and adding the tremendous responsibility for integrating capabilities into the Modular Force. We must work the synchronization and coordination of agencies across the Army and the Joint community to ensure we accelerate inserting capabilities into the Modular Force when these are ready to meet an essential need. Our role in inserting [Future Combat Systems] capabilities into the force when ready is critical to enabling the Army to evolve rapidly while engaged in this long war."

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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