2006 Army Posture Statement: Army Compelling Needs

Friday February 24, 2006

The Army has accomplished many tasks to mitigate operational, future, force management and institutional risk. See the 2006 Army Posture Statement for greater details. To manage risk (click link to go to exact section within the Army Posture Statement) to acceptable levels during wartime, the Army requires for 2007:

* Full funding of the Army request in the 2007 President's Budget and supplemental funding for combat and contingency operations to continue to reset, repair, recapitalize, replace battle losses of equipment, and overcome the stress on equipment resulting from sustained combat operations in harsh environments. These resources will ensure that the Army is fully manned, trained, and equipped to achieve victory in the war on terrorism.

* Funding to increase Army capabilities and overall capacity as well as support for the legislative authorities and programs needed to assure access to our reserve components. We must achieve a proper balance of capabilities and skills among our active and reserve forces and continue to build high-quality units to increase capability and ease the strain on our deployed Soldiers.

* Support and funding to achieve critical recruiting and retention goals needed to grow our operational forces. Meeting these goals for our active and reserve Soldiers sustains the quality and effectiveness of our All-Volunteer force.

* Funding for the Future Combat Systems program to enhance current force capabilities today with "spin outs" of available technology and accelerate more than 300 other modernization programs. These capabilities will directly benefit our active and reserve components, all U.S. ground forces, and our allies that support ground campaigns.

* Full funding to maintain momentum in building a rotational pool of 70 BCTs and more than 200 modular Support Brigades and headquarters. Already well under way, our transformation to become a fully modular force is preparing our Soldiers to conduct sustained operations of the type we see today and prepares our Soldiers for tomorrow's challenges.

* Full funding for Army installations and support to execute a carefully synchronized plan to achieve a new global basing posture, while fulfilling the requirements of the National Military Strategy. Continued support for Army installations and quality-of-life programs is required to sustain the All-Volunteer force, now being tested for the first time in a prolonged war.

* Support for funding and authorities for Army Business Transformation initiatives to achieve targeted efficiencies through management reform, Institutional Army adaptation and reengineered business practices. These initiatives will free human and financial resources for more compelling operational needs and accelerate other aspects of our transformation.

The Army needs the continued support of the American people to meet the needs of the Combatant Commanders and our Soldiers, who answer the Call to Duty by volunteering to serve the Nation in this time of war.


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I have seen the fruits of your success with my own eyes. I just returned from a week in Iraq, visiting the troops deployed there now, units like the 4th Infantry Division and the 101st (Airborne) Division. They are benefiting from your efforts and continue to rebuild damaged infrastructure and repair tattered civic institutions in a land long torn by conflict. (Source: Vice thanks 42nd ID Soldiers for Iraq tour)

Gen. Richard A. Cody
Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army


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