2006 Army Posture Statement: Sustain an All-Volunteer Force

Thursday February 23, 2006

* Honoring our commitment to the versatile young Americans that we depend on by caring for them and their families.

* Executing numerous programs - housing, education, health care, and more - to enhance their service to our Soldiers and their families.

* Promoting a sense of belonging - to units and communities - that builds readiness, cohesion, and reduces uncertainty.

* Executing a full range of initiatives and incentives to recruit and retain Soldiers with the right aptitude and attitude.

*  Working to match the quality of the life that our Soldiers enjoy to the quality of service they provide to the Nation.
We owe our success to the versatile young Americans who answer the Call to Duty. We are executing a full range of initiatives and incentives to Recruit and Retain high caliber citizens to man our active, reserve and civilian ranks. Caring for Soldiers and Army families through tangible quality of life programs provides a sense of belonging and sustains motivation for continued service. We continue to support efforts that provide returning Soldiers with state-of-the-art health care as they return from theater.  We have developed initiatives that improve predictability and stability for Soldiers and their families in both the active and reserve components.  Improving Soldier and Family Housing reflects our commitment to providing a quality of life that matches the quality of our All-Volunteer Force.

For further information on this and other strategic initiatives, visit the Army Posture Statement website at www.army.mil/aps/06 .


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When I ask why Soldiers are reenlisting, many have told me that they like the unit they are in and that they are being well led.

Whether I'm in Afghanistan, or in Iraq doing reenlistments, the story is always the same. These Soldiers standing before you are brave, courageous, and they have a sense of purpose - and we ought to be thankful that these young men and women have chosen to reenlist and continue their service in Iraq.
(Source: Blackanthem Military News )

Gen. Richard A. Cody
Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army


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