2006 Army Posture Statement: Provide Infrastructure and Support

Tuesday February 21, 2006

We are providing infrastructure and support to ensure the Army is able to execute its mission.  ÂÂ
We are:

* Investing in our bases that house and deploy our Soldiers, depots, arsenals, and the information network that connects them.

* Adjusting our global footprint to be better positioned for the challenges of the 21st century and the long war on terrorism.

* Consolidating our activities to become more effective (to do our job better) and more efficient (with best use of resources).

* Reengineering the Army's business processes to free human and financial resources for more compelling operational needs.

* Reducing cycle time, overhead, and cost in every aspect of what we do.
The infrastructure that the Army maintains plays a vital role in supporting the Joint Force. We are adjusting our global footprint to improve readiness at each of our installations. Our strategic stationing plan synchronizes decisions made during the on-going transformation into the Army Modular Force, the Base Realignment and Closure process and the Integrated Global Presence and Basing Strategy.  These plans optimize the power projection platforms that allow our units to mobilize and deploy.  To free human and financial resources for more compelling operational needs, we are **reengineering every one of our business processes.** Simultaneously, we are completing the transformation of our infrastructure, consisting of installations, depots, arsenals, and the information network that connects them to gain efficiency and reflect the deployment requirements and global commitments of the 21st century security environment.ÂÂ
For further information on this and other strategic initiatives, visit the Army Posture Statement website at www.army.mil/aps/06 .


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FCS is the centerpiece of the Army's modernization program. We remain totally committed to fully fielding this essential component of the future force. The Evaluation Brigade Combat Team is a key milestone in the FCS program and will enable the Army to evaluate technologies and develop tactics, techniques and procedures that will maximize the program's value to the force.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the United States Army


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